Nix Centipede


One of the most feared creatures of the wastes next to Shapeshifters. Nix Centipedes can stretch up to sixty feet long and are capable of bisecting a man with a single bite from their enormous tendrils. Even in snow that is only shin deep they are able to almost completely conceal themselves by lying flat and stretching their chitin sideway, elongating their body. Nix’s are the worst enemies of the Watchers, for horses and rangers alike will take sudden falls in the snow, disappearing below as they are dragged away at dozens of miles per hour, their screams quickly being stifled beneath the snow cover.

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The full story

Nix Centipede

A megafauna native to Oldavor since the first era, Nix Centipedes were rarely seen in open terrain. Originally preferring the cold climates of Oldavor’s mountain ranges, and caverns, they would only pose a threat during severe winters where even the roads would be covered under several feet of snow. Now that the land sits in an endless winter they roam unchecked, nearly impossible to detect or combat against lest they reveal their heads fully.

Their chitin is hard like steel and their appetite ravenous like a wolf. Nix Centipedes have been known to devour entire horses in mere seconds, and decimate a contingent of Watchers in only minutes. Being mostly blind, they hunt only on vibrations and sound. If such a beast is detected it can be avoided by simply remaining completely still until it is at least two hundred feet away. As such being scooped by a Nix is a certain death sentence, as Watchers have now learnt to not chase after any taken by such a beast, for it will only result in more deaths.

Each year Nix Centipedes are responsible for at least 1 lost ranging party between Mayreth, Greypeak and Brightstone’s rangers. Though they are rare for the most part, they are incredibly deadly when encountered.

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