Terrus Videm – Cleric of the Lost


A human combat engineer reborn in the form of a Soulforged following his death in the Centaur Wars. Terrus carries the weight of his past life, while finding solace in his new reality. Over centuries, he’s grown to fall into delusions cast by Sintrius long before he can even remember, now believing him and his kin to be gods, vowing to protect his home and its orcish inhabitants from the disruptive influence of any foreigners. Terrus stands as a stalwart protector, ready to meet any threat with divine magic, mechanical ingenuity, and a warrior’s resolve.

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The full story

Terrus Videm – Cleric of the Lost

Terrus Videm, known as the Cleric of the Lost, has lived several lifetimes within the span of his existence, serving as a beacon of healing and craftsmanship on an isle fraught with danger. Once a human combat engineer in the trenches of Edrador’s Neck, Terrus met a violent end in the brutal Centaur Wars that decimated the region of Myitel. His life however, did not end there, as in Anshani Artificer labs his spirit was imbued into the form of a Soulforged, an artificially constructed body that could house a human soul. From the very moment he opened his eyes again, Terrus was already far from home – packed onto a ship inbound to Kis Tharador (Little Tharador, or Godless Isle to those from Tharador itself).

As a Soulforged, Terrus carried the weight of his past life into a new existence that was both unnerving and captivating. His aptitude for engineering remained intact, and his spirit awakened a newfound capability for divine magic, allowing him to take on the dual role of a cleric and artificer. To his companions Octavia Strive and Sintrius Gulch, Terrus became a vital ally, lending his healing and repair abilities to keep their Soulforged bodies in optimal condition, all the while devising complex strategies and mechanisms on the battlefield.

His transformation was not without its psychological toll, however. The memory of his mortality, coupled with his forced rebirth into the Soulforged, sparked a sense of disquiet in Terrus. Sintrius Gulch’s proposition of playing gods to the landed orcs of Godless Isle didn’t sit well with Terrus. He was wary of the Anshani Empire’s relentless pursuit of power, fearing that such audacity might have offended the true gods. His pleas, though fervent, were met with stubborn resistance, and he found himself begrudgingly playing the part of an orcish deity.

Over centuries, the once vivid memories of his human life in Edrador and Anshan faded into distant echoes, replaced by the sights, sounds, and rhythms of Godless Isle. The orcs, once foreign and alien, became a part of his new existence, their primitive and tribal life grounding him in his strange reality. His initial apprehension about playing god was buried deep within him, as time and routine washed away the edges of his doubts.

The arrival of the invaders on Godless Isle stirred the tranquil waters of Terrus’s existence. The sight of these new faces, bearing signs of a world long forgotten, sparked a deep-seated hostility within him. These outsiders were intruders, alien entities threatening to disrupt the balance of his strange island home. Terrus, the Cleric of the Lost, deemed these trespassers heretics, desecrators of his sacred sanctuary. And so, he pledged to purge them from the island, to protect the life he had come to know and embrace. In the twilight of his forgotten memories, Terrus stands guard over Godless Isle, a formidable engineer, cleric, and warrior ready to face the tide of change with a mighty swing of his hammer.

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