Octavia Strive – Champion of the Lost


Soulforged were created and sculpted based on their original selves in their human lives. Octavia was a competent captain of the Anshani Empire that hailed from the region of Myitel, now Myitelnari in the modern day. Her form once Soulforged reflected this, with her head shaped in the crest of a traditional Myitelian helmet. Though those memories are long faded from her, and now she only knows the confines of the Godless Isle.

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The full story

Octavia Strive – Champion of the Lost

Each Soulforge is sculpted in the image they held in life. For Octavia Strive, she was sculpted like the soldier she was before her death – a valiant captain of the Anshani Empire that fought in many conquests through The Neck. She was slain in battle by a storm of Centauri Nomads, an obstacle that had halted Anshani expansion into Edrador’s east for centuries. Her body was recovered and her soul was transferred into a Soulforged shell, then sculpted in her likeness.

When she awoke she was not overly fond of being brought back – she had found peace in a valiant death in battle and she had been ripped from the warmness of the Resting Hall. Still, she reluctantly declared herself to continue serving the Emperor. This saw her pulled from the frontlines as the eastern campaign was abandoned. Instead she was sent alongside a large contingent of soldiers under her command to an isle they called Kis Tharador (Little Tharador) where the Anshani had created a large colony dedicated to research of the flora and fauna of the isle – particularly an ancient dragon they had sedated in its central mountain.

After only a decade on the isle, the Great Departure occurred, and all the human workers of the Anshani Empire on the island disappeared overnight – when Octavia left her quarters as the sun rose it was only her and the handful of Soulforged workers that remained on the island. They were not aware that overnight the entire empire had fallen, and thought it was only something that occurred on the isle. Though when their long ranged communications failed, they knew something greater was at play. With no boats, Octavia and the others remained trapped on Little Tharador. Some decades later the Tribal Orcs landed on the isle, and though Octavia at first thought they should be slaughtered before they could pose a threat to the remaining Soulforged, she was proven wrong when the Orcs eventually discovered the Soulforged and revered them as the divine beings of the land.

Octavia didn’t take well to this at first, and protested, but as years flashed by and centuries passed all knowledge of her previous life faded from memory. Now all she knew was her life on Little Tharador, now called Kiserador by herself, the Orcs and her other Lost Soulforged companions. Kiserador was their home, and any threat to its sanctity would be met with violent force, including humans from Edrador and Tharador, which seemed as complete aliens to all of them.

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