Hannes Vyrios – Noble Barbarian


Noble are the Minotaurs of Myitelnari, though their existence is kept as a secret to most. Hannes is one such noble, son of a Duke. The Minotaurs rule their people in secret, and though they are worshipped in most ceremonies of their homeland, Minotaurs are mostly thought of as mythical creatures or evil beings that prowl the depths of labyrinths and caverns, moreso than the shrewd diplomats and rulers that they truly are.

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The full story

Hannes Vyrios – Noble Barbarian

Hannes of House Vyrios is the son of the Duke of Seramos in their homeland of Myitelnari in Edrador’s central lands. House Vyrios is one of the oldest Minotaur houses of Edrador, tracing their lineage back to the Age of Creation. Despite this they are not a particularly wealthy nor powerful house, and instead have maintained their longevity through being seen and not heard.

Hannes however is in stark contrast to the rest of his forefather’s thoughts. He would prefer to live one day as a raging bull than a thousand years as obedient cattle. This sentiment did not land well with his father, nor his grandfather. The brash decision making of Hannes often came close to unveiling the Minotaur Masquerade that controlled the Men of Myitelnari from the shadows, and as a result the Minotaur was exiled from the noble houses. The labyrinths would no longer grant him entry, and he was forced to wander the surface until he might find a way to redeem himself: either through actions or through tempering his rage.

Feeling his best way to learn to temper himself was through experiencing the lands beyond him and being humbled by the greater world, he joined the Vilag Vlada Ligaja, a organisation that operated throughout Western Edrador which was dedicated to mapping ancient Anshani ruins and recovering lost artefacts. The expedition to Godless Isle (known as Kis Tharador – Little Tharador to the Edradori) was his first great expedition within the VVL, and Hannes was eager to delve into the depths of ruins older than the lands of Myitelnari.

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