Hyatiri – Flying Serpent


Serpent-like creatures with a gliding ability that hunt from the tree tops of Godless Isle’s jungle. Hyatiri are monstrous beasts with monstrous appetites. Few have been studied by taxologists in person, usually due to their escape artists nature and the fact that few are able to actually slay such a beast. It is thought that they can store up to five men in their stomachs at once to save for later before beginning digestion. Some prey such as smaller animals or halflings are often swallowed whole, though the Orcs native to Godless Isle have stories of folk heroes cutting their way out of the stomachs of the beasts.

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The full story

Hyatiri – Flying Serpent

Hyatiri are one of the deadliest predators on Godless Isle. They are often unseen, having camouflage scales that change hue to their surrounding textures. Those that do see Hyatiri are usually in their stomach soon after, swallowed whole if they’re unlucky. If one is fortunate enough to see a Hyatiri and act before they become a meal, they will find it still a difficult fight. The beast is nimble and able to leap up to the tops of the surrounding trees, before slowly pouncing and then gliding through the jungle if it should need to escape, or in chase of its prey.

Thus fighting the Hyatiri is often a doomed pursuit. Most scholars theorise that the creature’s vision is based on movement, as ranging parties have been noted to be spared by the beasts if they freeze in place once one is spotted.A lack of movement seems to deter the beast from pursuing a meal it might think of as dead. Similarly, strong smells seem to repel it, particularly cinnamon and peppermint. As such, those rangers who walk in vanguard on expeditions in Godless Isle have become known as the Mint Men, for they often bathe in a solution of crushed peppermint, cinnamon and water before venturing into the jungle’s depths.

Still, even this foul smell won’t deter a ravished Hyatiri from trying to pick off the least smelly member of a group. But the smell seems to make them hesitate, usually making them easier to spot before they decide to strike, and accompanied with booming sounds or violence, the Hyatiri will usually flee.

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