Ruins of Duradi – Anshani Ancient Outpost


The Ruins of Duradi, known for its poignant feature “The Begging Hand,” stand as haunting remnants of the lost Anshani Empire. Once a formidable statue donning Anshani armour, it is now a weathered monolith silently pleading to the heavens. Duradi, a former research base housing humans and the site of innumerable experiments on Kurorgor the Black, has since been claimed by the Lost Soulforged as their haven post the Great Departure. The ruins also shelter their Orcish disciples, making Duradi an enduring symbol of resilience and the constant ebb and flow of power on Godless Isle.

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Ruins of Duradi – Anshani Ancient Outpost

A haunting remnant of the fallen Anshani Empire on Godless Isle. The once-imposing statue now known as the begging hand, was constructed from hardy stone and covered with metallic plating to emulate the distinctive armour of the Anshani. It now stands partially collapsed and weathered by centuries of neglect. Where the statue’s stony fingers once reached towards the sky in a gesture of power and supremacy, it now appears to beg in silent despair, a symbol of the Empire’s shattered dreams.

Duradi itself was a bustling research base, a hub of scientific exploration and human habitation. It was here that the notorious Kurorgor the Black was subjected to relentless testing, transforming the base into a seat of unease and anticipation. When the Great Departure ensued, Duradi was left to succumb to the ravages of time, its human inhabitants gone, and its purpose lost.

In the emptiness that followed, the ruins found new occupants. The Lost Soulforged, those remnants of a bygone era, claimed Duradi as their sanctuary, finding solace amidst the decaying echoes of the past. Even the Orcish disciples, once outsiders, were granted the privilege to reside in certain sectors of Duradi, bringing new life to its hallowed halls.

Today, the Ruins of Duradi and the forlorn “Begging Hand” serve as a sombre testament to a time of great promise turned to regret. They remind the inhabitants of Godless Isle of the transience of power, the relentless march of time, and the resilience of life in the face of desolation. Amidst the decay, they stand as a beacon of the island’s past, a silent guardian bearing witness to the unfolding story of survival and adaptation.

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