Eramis – The Fighting Fiddler


A Belfrian Bard who is equally versed in sword and song. Eramis was raised in the capital of Jochenia, where song, dance and art thrived. But so too did the art of wielding a sword – the years of Eramis’ youth followed the Duskweave Campaign and the start of the Liturium War began in his adolescence. Though art and music were his passion, he found that he had a better penchant for fighting than his true passions, perhaps owed to his Infernal heritage.

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The full story

Eramis – The Fighting Fiddler

Belfrie’s capital of Jochenia has been a juxtaposed mix of artcraft and warcraft for the last nine years. It was this backdrop that served as the foundation for Eramis’ adolescence and youth. When he was but twelve summers, military service and training was reinstated as mandatory in Belfrie once again, an edict that had not been drawn for hundreds of years – since Belfrie’s war of independence against Draksborne. Eramis was not like most children around him – he did not dream of becoming a knight, warrior nor wizard. He simply wished to bring his visions of music and art to the world, not death.

But he found that sword fighting came naturally to him. In all his assessments he often found himself to be the one who came out on top, giving him a streak of arrogance that often was quelled by his much more experienced instructors. Though sword fighting held no passion in his heart, he found that his sword fighting abilities seemed to swell above his talents for art and music. In a city rife with artists seeking fortune and fame, he was but mediocre, never ascending to greatness or prominence. It was rare he would ever perform for anything better than a crowd of commoners in a tavern.

So in a bid to try win the best of both worlds, he joined the World Explorer’s & Hunter’s League. It was his hopes that in exploring uncharted lands he might make a name for himself by writing sagas, sonnets or whatever he cloud string together about lands previously uncharted by the people of Tharador. And at least he could defend himself while he did it.

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