Jeji – The Free Born


A Tabaxi born and raised in Belfrie, Jeji is one of the few Tabaxi on Tharador who was actually born there. Raised in the Elven City of Aluvitar, she combined her cat-like instincts in the trees with expert training provided by her peers as she grew up. The forest surrounding Aluvitar became her home, and seldom did she visit any cities thereafter, and never were they joyous visits when she did.

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The full story

Jeji – The Free Born

Jeji was born and raised in the safety of Belfrie. The daughter of two Tabaxi slaves that had escaped their captivity in Sudd Tohst some years before. Belfrie welcomed many other ex-slaves from other nations, and thus the two found settlement there, with jobs as foresters around the Elven City of Aluvitar. Here they gave birth to their first litter, which included Jeji and her brother and sister. The three grew up very competitive, but Jeji’s brother and sister seemed to take more to the metropolitan ways of Belfrie than her, fascinated at their first visits to Velandria.

When they all came of age at twelve summers (full maturation for a Tabaxi’s physiology in Minera), they left the protection of their pride. Jeji moved to the forests of Aluvitar and her brother and sister left for Velandria and Hvirna respectively. In the forests Jeji became somewhat of a recluse, and for several years lived with minimal contact with Men or Elves, save for the handful of other rangers or foresters that she crossed paths with. It was only when she came across an endangered group of archaeologists from the WEHL did her life’s path change course. After rescuing them from a particularly narrow encounter with a group of Will-o’-Wisps, she was offered a place in the WEHL as a hunter to escort future expeditions. With promise that one day she could visit the home of her ancestors in Zandoriel, Jeji accepted. Though she has only been in the WEHL for a year, she has gained much experience in that time and proved herself capable of venturing into dangerous expeditions far beyond Tharador’s shores.

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