Veseria – The Raging Dragon


Dragonkin from Zandoriel often spread across Minera as part of their respective rituals to enter adulthood depending on their culture. Veseria chose to embark on a voyage across all Minera, with aim to be the first of her kin to travel to each continent of Minera. All she has left to travel to is Tharador and Mindoriel, though she knows for the latter she must be much stronger than she is already.

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The full story

Veseria – The Raging Dragon

When Dragonkin come of age, they usually must undergo some sort of ritual to truly pass into adulthood. In some cultures this is a simple trial they must overcome or a sacrifice they must make. But in the land of Brol’Lokai the Blue Dragonkin consider themselves wanderers and adventurers. Their ceremony sees their travel beyond the borders of their homeland to retrieve a foreign artefact, and return it to their home. The details of this vary greatly in each den (a county or prefecture for Dragonkin based on local culture). Some Brol’Lokai dens are happy with a simple trinket from a neighbouring kingdom to be kept as a keepsake for that individual – a reminder of their ascent to adulthood. Others are more interested in a magical artefact being gathered and returned to the local Order of Magicks so it might be studied.

But the Den of Brathos demands its children travel over waves to retrieve their artefact. Most of these children simply take a boat to the nearby nation of Sea Elves on Caldromin, but for Veseria, a boisterous and broody Kin, this was not enough. Veseria had dreams of being a prized Slayer since she was a hatchling, and she could think of no better trophy than the head of a great beast from a foreign land. So she took a boat to Zandorion in the East. There she slew a great monstrosity within a few days of her first landing, taking its talon for her trophy. But she was ill content with this: it was too easy. Instead she felt she may be better accepted and rejoiced as a hero on her return if she found her way home with a trophy from each continent.

In Edrador she found however that great monstrosities were less numerous than she had hoped: the majority of their beasts came in the form of troublesome snake-people and tribes of roaming orcs, not to mention a raging war between invaders from Tharador and the residents of Abunen Kolden and Arrakanna. So in Zoltai Veseria joined the Vilag Vlada Ligaja (VVL) – an order dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of Edrador, which happened to often mean battling gargantuan beasts that might guard those secrets. Once she had done her part in Edrador, Tharador would be next on her list.

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