Estranith – Godless Panther


Estraniths are native to Godless Isle and fearsome beasts like this are usually found in the forests of Zandorion, leading scholars to believe that Godless Isle may in fact be an isle of Zandorion that drifted far from the Twins. It was first thought to be a foreign kind of panther on first sighting, but only for its dark colour and swift motion. To the taxologist who first sighted it, it was merely a black blur on four legs.

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The full story

Estranith – Godless Panther

Despite their Common name, Estraniths are about as far from Panthers as a rat is from a camel. These predators are native to Godless Isle, thought to be relatives of the notorious jungle predators of Zandorion. These beasts have a fascinating reactive scale-like carapace that hardens on touch, allowing them to be protected from standard arrows and even glancing blows from firearms and swords.

Though the Estraniths have lightning-like speed, they also ensure that most prey cannot escape or harm them by using the venomous thorn-like carpaces on their tails. If an Estranith’s prey is unfortunate enough to be pierced by these, they will undergo a rapid paralysis, though this usually only happens once the prey is pinned down, and is thought to reduce the chances of the Estranith being harmed by a prey left in fight mode, or from them escaping.

However it has been seen to use these mechanisms defensively as well, and it may sting a foe that threatens it before it launches itself into the mists of the jungle. These tails are also used for climbing, with Estraniths being seen to use them to pull themselves up branches or even wrap them around a branch for support if they are dangling in ambush from a high up tree. These factors make Estraniths one of the apex predators of Godless Isle, and a horrific fate would befall any adventurers unfortunate enough to come across a hunting pair of these beasts.

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