Freya the Feared (Bust)


A warrior and leader of the Mayrethi Resistance. Freya and her adoptive brother Nils solely led the people of Steadfort and the surrounding towns and villages in a valiant defense against the invading and much more technologically advanced Raiders of Alimroth. With the Liturium War ended, the Golden Griffins took up a contract to defend the eastern half of Mayreth, giving Freya a chance to travel southwards to the Godless Isle in search of Anshani technology that might give her people an edge to turn the tide of the war.

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The full story

Freya the Feared (Bust)

Freya’s home of Steadfort in Mayreth has been the site of dozens of raids from the Raiders of Alimroth over the years. From the sky they would rain down death and destruction, and such raids left the city in a perpetual state of destruction and repair. Freya spent her childhood in an orphanage, hiding from the raids in a hole underneath an oak tree with her adoptive brother Nils.

Though sorcerers from the south in Belfrie and Formen had provided the city aid for a time, when the Liturium War erupted they were left defenceless and the raids began again. Now Freya with the help of the locals and a handful of foreign mercs held a desperate defence against the raiders. Some of the mercenaries left to find artefact, returning with them and using them to successfully repel the invaders for two more years.

However the artefacts had only so many uses, and eventually were left inert. Though thankfully this coincided with the end of the Liturium War, allowing the otherwise indisposed Golden Griffins to take on a contract with the people of Steadfort to defend the city and surrounding towns. This gave Freya a chance to step back from the fighting and search for a solution to permanently stop the Alimrothi, beyond fighting a war of attrition and constantly being on the backfoot. Before her lover Jorn was killed, he told Freya of a rumoured civilization in Edrador called the Anshani, who allegedly were more advanced than Alimroth’s current technology but centuries prior. So Freya sought to travel to uncover this civilization, leaving to Godless Isle alongside a WEHL search and rescue expedition. As long as she did her part in searching for survivors, she could take her share of artefacts.

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