Jugak’thar Tribe – Orc Tribals


A Tribe of Orcs that has spent many generations on Godless Isle. Descended from the Tharadori Orcs of Ukrondia, these are thought to be waylays, a tribe that somehow became lost at sea and settled on the rogue island, rather than joining their kin in Edrador. These orcs are more savage, brutal and tribal than either of their continental counterparts, and actually fit into the stereotype of orcs held by most commoners in Tharador.

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The full story

Jugak’thar Tribe – Orc Tribals

The Jugak’thar Tribe is thought to have left Tharador some five-hundred to one thousand years ago. Not much is known of the Orc Migration that saw thousands of Orcs leave Ukrondia on gargantuan canoes to Edrador. No record is kept in Baldurian history of these orcs leaving during the first skirmishes between their settlers and the locals, and with Orcs keeping no official record besides oral stories it is difficult to determine any exact dates.

However, it seems as though during this migration a small portion of Orc settlers became lost and waylaid, landing on Godless Isle. These Orcs speak a dialect very different from Tharadori Orcish, and Orc scholars sent to Godless Isle have had little success in communicating with the locals, as even they are branded aliens and invaders to the locals. Attempts to dress these scholars in more tribal clothing consistent with the Jugak’thar also were unsuccessful. Orcs of Godless Isle possess much sterner and wild features compared to their Tharadori counterparts. Their heads are narrower and squarer and their muscle mass is much denser and thicker with toughened leathery skin.

It would seem the harsh environment of Godless Isle has given rise to a subrace of Orcs that are stronger and more aggressive, and even more hostile to outsiders. Despite their more aggressive nature they do not seem any less intelligent – to the contrary. Thanks to a group of Soulforged on the isle that the Orcs have come to worship as Gods, these Orcs show a remarkable capability of engineering and advanced mathematics. Some camps have found intricate and complex schematics for siege weapons and climbing gear – though whether these were drawn by orc hands or by the Soulforged is unknown. If they did not treat the Anshani Ruins on the isle as sacred, they would likely have unlocked many of their secrets by now.

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