Terrain – Granny Nora’s Hovel


The interior of the hovel of Granny Nora. It has been used by her for sixty years while her nefarious schemes poisoned Tryamin Forest. To the unassuming observer, all the interior of her hovel is quaint and cute, the collections of a druidic maiden, the persona she projects. Yet beneath the veneer is the darker truth, as sickly scents and revolting sights are the true form of her home’s interior.

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The full story

Terrain – Granny Nora’s Hovel

Beneath the giant Estel Tree in Tryamin Forest is the home of a wise Elven Druid, Nirina. Her home is one of warmth and delight, a place where birds and critters of the forest gather to her doorstep. Yet all this is in illusion, for the hollow is in truth a putrid hovel of a Hag, Granny Nora and her fair form is an illusion too. Even the critters that gather at her doorstep are spies sharing to her their findings through the night, not critters basking in her love.

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