Sylvia of the Fringe – Faun Enchantress


A faun who has called the Tryamin Woods home her whole life. Sylvia grew up in the wake of destruction left by the fall of Elen Estel, and thus grew fond of the Druids that tended the woods who she saw as family by the time their job was complete. She is fiercely protective of her woods as a result, and though she won’t ever try directly to harm intruders, she will certainly send them astray with her enchanting songs.

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The full story

Sylvia of the Fringe – Faun Enchantress

A faun born in the Tryamin Woods in a small family, Sylvia was raised among the trees, forbidden from leaving for the evils that lurked beyond their home in the forest. Her family was close knit, a small group of fauns that watched helplessly as their woods were corrupted, twisted and destroyed sixty years ago when Quorenderi and Seroca conspired together to bring about the destruction of Elen Estel. Sylvia was only born thirty years after, but even then the Druids of the Ten’gwaël had been working tirelessly to heal the shattered and withering land.

So Sylvia grew up among these Druids with her family and older siblings, many of whom used their own knowledge of the woods and healing to aid the druids, though Sylvia was only a youngling then. She instead found herself gifted with the art of song, rather than nature and healing. A mysterious faun would often teach her songs and instruments in times she found herself alone, and taught her how her songs could be instilled with Minera’s Breath to manipulate those around her – for good or for evil.

As an adult she now lives as a hermit, finding friends in the small critters and creatures of the woods, only occasionally seeing her kin and the druids that remain in Tryamin. She has become fiercely territorial, and many locals of the woods and travellers have a tale of a beautiful faun enchantress that welcomed them into her woods, only to sing them to sleep and dump them a dozen miles away. None ever report being harmed, though some scholars and herbalists who were gathering specimens in the woods report that whatever they gathered had been taken off them.

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