Syldi – Feral Faeries


Mischievous chaotic faeries that have lived their lives in the forests of Nan Thalias and the Fey of Renmaeth. They are able to Feywalk at will, changing the planes they exist on at a whim. Often they use this to disorientate their victims. Though they might appear cutesy and innocent, Syldi are carnivores and hunt in packs. Any creature that bleeds is a potential meal for them.

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The full story

Syldi – Feral Faeries

A lone adventurer lured into the woods by a faerie and whisked away into an enchanted world is a tale as old as time. Though it, like many tales, stems from a grain of truth, the true ending of these tales is much more sinister. For the Syldi of Nan Thalias are mischievous creatures indeed, and interactions one might have with them could indeed be entirely innocuous, however if they happen to be targeted by a hungry Syldi, their fate will be a grim one should they dare to follow it into the forest.

The Syldi are pack-like creatures, for they are small and easily dealt with if alone. Yet in a group they are fearsome, able to transport themselves between the Fey World and the physical plane at will, disorientating those who follow them into the woods. When they are far from the road and truly lost, the Syldi watch on as their victim wanders aimlessly, until they rest from exhaustion or find themselves ensnared by local flora. It is here when the Syldi strike, in packs of four to eight or more, tearing at the flesh of their victim with their razor teeth. Like flying piranhas they can cut down to the bone of a man in mere seconds.

Often they also employ magic to ensnare victims that seem resistant to their cute charms and big beautiful eyes, instead luring them with calls like a siren or whispers of desire. Some more powerful Syldi have also been observed to have the ability to draw roots and thorns from the ground to entrap any victims who resist or flee. Syldi will rarely attack adventurers in groups, unless they are all restrained at the time of attack. They are fragile creatures, and experienced adventurers would be best off attacking and Syldi scouts they see on sight, while commonfolk should instead flee in the opposite direction as quick as they can, and hope that there are no powerful magic users among the pack that could chase and restrain them.

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