Garyck of Cinta Mar – Infernal Forest Guardian


A Nosmeni of Elven lineage born and raised in the village of Cinta Mar in Nan Thalias’ outlands. Garyck’s infernal mother had escaped the Second Reverie of the Abyss, finding herself among the groves of Nan Thalias. There she was taken in by villagers, marrying and having several children. Garyck was one of them, becoming an outcast for his appearance. He left to the forests when he was young, becoming a devout Druidic follower of the Ten’gwaël.

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The full story

Garyck of Cinta Mar – Infernal Forest Guardian

Garyck was raised in the tranquil Elven village of Cinta Mar, a quiet settlement used mostly as a waystation for those travelling to the city of Elvanorei by land. Though Garyck himself was born and raised among the Elves, he himself is a Nosmeni, an infernal being whose ancestry is traced to the Ten Reveries of the Abyss. His mother was raised in the abyss, though escaped when she could, fleeing into the physical realm where she appeared in the forests of Nan Thalias. Lost and confused, she was found delirious and starving in the woods by an Elven Hunter, who would become Garyck’s father.

The hunter took her back to his village, and the pair quickly fell in love when her health and mind returned. They gave life to five children, Garyck the youngest of them. All of them had the infernal features of their mother, though as children they were not as obvious, save for the unfortunate Garyck whose horns sprouted before he had reached the cusp of manhood. These traits earned Garyck and his siblings much ire from the other villagers, and especially their peers. So it was no hard feat for Garyck to leave when he came of age, retreating into the Tryamin Woods where he was befriended by dryads, who eventually came to introduce him to their ancient Druidic Circle.

These were the Ten’gwaël – the oldest of the Druids whose order traced its lineage back to the Age of Creation. In Garyck however they did not see an infernal child who sought to destroy the woods, as his peers did, they instead saw a child of Renmaeth and a devout lover of nature and all Renmaeth’s creations. They ushered Garyck into their midst, and trained the young Nosmeni for decades, turning him into a formidable druid and warrior of Renmaeth. When Elen Estel fell, Garyck was still a lowly apprentice amongst his kin, but in the six decades that have followed, he has dedicated himself to healing and repairing the damage done by the evils of Quorenderi and the rest of Mindoriel’s Spawn. So the Tryamin Woods have become his home, and he would be quick to expel any who would bring it harm, and though violence is far from his first means of negotiation, it does not mean he is exempt from it.

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