Verda – Vengeful Dryad


A Dryad from the Fringe who had merged with her treant partner as they lay dying. In her new form, Verda has taken on the barky skin of her partner, and learn how to wield them in deadly fashion to protect her woods, learning how to use the firearms of Baldurian Men against them. Though a new threat rises in the west, and she must leave her home of the Fringe to protect it from whatever grave threat is stirring in the Tryamin Woods.

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The full story

Verda – Vengeful Dryad

Before Gwynevel and Melwyn unleashed their wrath upon the logging companies of Baldur, conflicts in the forests were a constant source of strife. Guardians of the woods were slain regularly in defense of their homeland, and for the hundreds of humans they slew, it seemed more always took their place, only years passing before a new company with newer, meaner soldiers took root. In these times, the defenders called for more desperate measures.

Verda was one of the younger dryads who had wanted to resolve matters peacefully with the humans, but when it became clear peace was never an option, she chose to join her plantkin in defense of their home. Among them was her soul-partner, Dargas, a treant with whom she had bloomed alongside since they were saplings. In a grizzly battle on the eaves of the Fringe, Dargas was mortally wounded by cannonfire as the human assault began. In his dying moments, the treant gave himself to Verda, merging his bark with her grassy form, allowing her to use it as armour, or an assortment of arms which she could use as weapons. In her rage she chose the latter, looting firearms from fallen humans and turning into a one-man-arsenal as she roamed across the battlefield, unleashing a flurry of bullets at the encroaching humans. With her dryadic powers she was able to swing across the warzone, unleashing shots all around her enemies.

As gunshots seemed to envelop the men, they thought themselves to be the victims of friendly fire, ordering a ceasefire and falling back into the woods. Verda however, kept the firearms for herself, and as decades passed the tensions at the border eased, she eventually began to make herself known to nearby human settlements. There they taught her how to properly use and maintain her weapons, and in return they complied with her requests to use the forest only as needed, and to replace anything they take, as per their agreement with Gwynevel. Verda became her enforcer of this, but it did not mean she ever let her guard down around humans, and now as evil takes hold in the nearby Tryamin Woods, she leaves her home of the Fringe to to protect it from whatever dire threat is festering in the west.

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