Myrion Stoneheart – Soulforged Druid


A Druidic missionary of Renmaeth who heard the tale of the Anshani Empire in Edrador. Wishing to steer them from their industrious ways, Myrion travelled to the far away continent, only to be executed for blasphemy and his soul ensnared within the metal husk of a Soulforged. Though that was centuries ago, and the rampant mental deterioration of all Soulforged now also claws at the memory of Myrion who fled after the Empire’s fall. His life as a man of Tharador is long forgotten, but he still knows he is dedicated to Renmaeth, and even in his metal husk he has done his best to meld it to a state that would earn the Earthmother’s love.

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The full story

Myrion Stoneheart – Soulforged Druid

Many Druids of Tharador are wanderers, having left their Druidic Circle as missionaries to teach the commonfolk of Tharador of Renmaeth and ways they can honour the Earthmother by respecting and loving the creations she bestowed upon the continent. There were few who lived in towering cities that were willing to listen to this though, as few would want to forsake their worldly comforts to live among the trees. Myrion understood this, having been raised in Baldur himself. He instead saw his place as a missionary in finding a middleground and compromises in most situations, something his druidic kin disapproved of.

When he heard from a Goltian merchant of the Anshani Empire in Edrador, Myrion knew that such a powerful Empire with no respect for nature was doomed for an apocalyptic ending, just as the Oldavori Empire had done hundreds of years prior. Though Renmaeth held no influence in Edrador, he knew her teachings would still hold true in the foreign land. He arrived, seeking court with the Emperor, announcing himself as an emissary from the Gods of Tharador. Myrion talked to them of the havoc they would bring upon themselves if they did not cease pillaging from the body of Edrador, yet he was met with mockery, laughter and condemnation.

A public execution was carried out against Myrion, with his soul captured and inserted into the husk of a worker Soulforged. It was the intent of the Emperor to use this missionary to learn more of Tharador and plan an eventual intercontinental invasion in which they could spread their influence and plunder the resources of the undeveloped land of savages. Yet this never came to pass, for only a few years later came the Great Departure, where every human inhabitant of the empire disappeared overnight. Myrion was free, and was able to leave Anshan before it fell into the chaos and pandemonium that followed. Almost a decade had passed since he left, and he returned to his Druidic Circle in Nan Thalias, unrecognised and abhorred.

When he explained his tale, his kin were sympathetic. Though some said it would be a mercy to kill him, the ultimate word came from Gwynevel, the Mother Guardian of the Fringe who deemed Myrion’s life to be worth living. The Druid had suffered enough, but would become an invaluable instrument in future tales to come. When Elen Estel was destroyed, Myrion was on the front lines trying to contain the evils of Quorenderi, his stony body needing no air beneath the bile-like waters of Quorenderi and feeling no illness set upon him by Idinhelieth. He became the very antithesis of these two dark gods, and saved countless lives that day because of his cursed form.

Yet it’s not without its drawbacks, for the mind of the Soulforged can only store about 350 years of memories. All of Myrion’s life before is forgotten now, only known to him by old writings he had kept for himself. His family as a human are entirely lost to him, and even his time in Anshan would be forgotten if it were not for those writings he kept. He fears now that as the years roll by, his memory will fade quicker. His only hope is Barandir the Lucid in the Tower of Ardris, who has told him he is researching a cure or fix for the problem.

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