Garamundis – Corrupted Treant Elder


An ancient treant of Tryamin whose body and soul were ensnared by the evils of Idinhelieth and Seroca sixty years ago during the Fall of Elen Estel. When all eyes were on the evils of Quorenderi, they were blind to the conjurations of his siblings. Garamundis is now a stalwart foe, being one of the most powerful treants of Tryamin turned to evil.

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The full story

Garamundis – Corrupted Treant Elder

When Elen Estel fell sixty years prior, the eyes of the Tharameni and their devout followers were fixed to the crumbling Elven capital. They were blind to the Shroud of Seroca cast on the nearby Tryamin Woods, as Idinhelieth used the chaos and influence caused by his brother Quorenderi to take root in the ancient woods. Garamundis was one of the first of the woods to fall under Idinhelieth’s influence, has bark gnarled and his leaves withered from the corruption that took hold in his heart.

He was the guardian and keeper of a large swathe of the woods, and under Idinhelieth’s spell he saw the pristine gardens and verdant landscape he once kept fall to a foetid mire and poisoned shrubs and trees. Evil took hold in the woods, but to those looking in it seemed all was well, for the Shroud of Seroca veiled it all in an illusion, and those who saw and heard Garamundis thought him to be the same Garamundis of old. They did not see how his form had twisted and bent, or the poisonous fungi that sprouted from his arms and the weeping sap that dripped from his eyes.

As the forest fell and the evil spread, Garamundis became its keeper and protector, lulling any druids who came to investigate into a false sense of security, acting like his old self. Though the first chance he would receive, he would quickly end their lives, burying them and any evidence they were there under the boggy mire.

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