Lizarin – Paladin of Renmaeth


A Paladin from the northern kingdom of Mayreth, Lizarin has dedicated his life to serving Renmaeth, the goddess of nature and landscapes. He has fought against the machines of Alimroth for many years, having defended Brel Vardra from their assault two years ago. There he discovered Idinhelieth to be behind the poisoned mines of the Alimrothi, and has since hunted the trail of the Dark God, leading him to Nan Thalias, where the divine’s schemes are beginning to unfurl.

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The full story

Lizarin – Paladin of Renmaeth

In Mayreth’s wilds live many sects and Druidic circles that pay homage to their patron in ways far different from the Ten’gwaël of Nan Thalias. The natives of Mayreth call these wild men “Slettemenn” or Plainsmen. Their customs see complete removal of oneself from the perils of civilization, and often they live in wandering groups of hunters and gatherers that wander the vast grasslands and forests of Mayreth. But their love for Renmaeth and her creations and unwavering, and from this love, passion is born, but that passion can quickly turn to violence.

Such is the way of Lizarin, a wanderer who forsook his fellow Plainsmen in fervent service to Renmaeth, forsaking their tenets forbidding contact with civilization, to live amongst the people and teach them, pledging fealty to her in the Temple of Renmaeth in Rykdom. So he became her sword and instrument of justice, fighting against the Alimrothi that began encroaching upon the forests of Mayreth – not because they were invaders to his countrymen, but for the swathe of destruction they painted across the lands they tread. Countless withered trees and poisoned springs lay in the wake of the Alimrothi, and Lizarin could no longer stand for it. Thus he took the fight to them, learning from a travelling Druid that the Alimrothi had besieged Renmaeth’s Pillar of Brel Vardra in their homeland. There Lizarin fought in its defense, and learnt after that the entire battle was an orchestration of Idinhelieth, the dark divine of pestilence and decay.

So Lizarin swore an oath of vengeance against the foetid god, beginning a two year long vendetta that dragged him across the continent, unveiling his machinations wherever they lingered. It has now all led to the forests of Nan Thalias, where the poisonous wounds of sixty years prior have only festered, a shroud cast over them where the local druids had falsely believed it to have healed.

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