Yilvorys – Wicked Treants


Young treants stagnated in their growth from the miasmatic corruption of Idinhelieth. Now they act as his footsoldiers in the bog he has carved out in secret in the Tryamin Woods. To the unsuspecting victim they may look like regular trees or friendly treants, but a darkness lurks beneath, obscured by illusions.

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The full story

Yilvorys – Wicked Treants

Small treants are abundant in many corners and groves of the Tryamin Woods. Having seen this first hand, the dark divine Idinhelieth and Seroca chose to ensnare these creatures with their wicked webs, corrupting them and spinning them into their footsoldiers for the war to come. Though to the unassuming eye they might appear as mere trees, or treants to the druids who might come to check on the state of the forest, but beneath the illusory image is the true twisted and gnarled creatures that serve the Dark Gods of Pestilence and Secrets.

Though neither gods know how to create new treants, so their numbers have slowly been dwindling and depleting, only bolstered when other healthy treants accidentally wonder into the sphere of influence Seroca and Idinlehieth hold in Tryamin, quickly corrupting them after. Each of Yilvorys slain is a detriment to the forces of Mindoriel’s Spawn.

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