Sukurin – Kraken of the Depths


Dragged from the depths of the Katarn Sea, Sukurin is a great and angered Water Spirit that brings death and destruction in all its hours of waking. Formed of water, the spirit takes on the shape of a Kraken to strike fear into the hearts of sailors when it rises, adorning itself with the armour and materials of sunken ships, weapons and even deceased sea monsters. It finally lay frozen and dormant for a time, kept in a temple in Tenger to be watched and worshiped.

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The full story

Sukurin – Kraken of the Depths

Even in Maethromin’s Dreamscape, Sukurin was a beast to be feared. Water Elemi both revered and feared the creature as a personification of their own wrath, a contrast to their usual reputation as a peaceful people. Though when Sukurin awoke from the Dreamscape in the Katarn Sea of Tharador, it lost its reverence. The mortals of Tharador were foolish enough to hunt it, try kill it and harm it.

Thus it took the form of things they feared most, implanting its form into the chitin and flesh of a great and old dying Kraken. With this new form it incited fear into all mortals and caused many shipwrecks – newfound horror in the already deadly sea. So when the word of a watery Kraken reached the Tribunal Council in Beke, they were quick to act and seize the beast.

It was frozen, taken to an isolated lake in the centre of Jarako Isle in the sea north of Abunor. There it was watched over by generation after generation of Water Elemi monks, who tended to it constantly, aiming to ensure that the frost didn’t thaw even in the most unbearable summers. Though with no hint of any issues, the beast suddenly awoke from its frozen slumber, breaking its shackles, destroying the monastery upon the lake’s shore. Now the monks request for help, the monster trying to build a river to return to the sea once again.

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