Tuzugo – Evangelist of the Sacred Fire


Alongside his cousin Gorozai, Tuzugo began a small uprising of Fire Elemi who sided with the crusaders in the Abunen Kolden War. Seeing the Fire Elemi rulers as tyrants and dictators over the others, they wished for a unified Elemi kingdom as it was in times long past. Rewarded for their bravery, the cousins were given the holy task of overseeing the guarding and containment of Kyubiko, a great Fire Spirit in the form of a Fox that resided on Tharador. A task that was of great religious significance to the Elemi, but of little risk, usually.

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The full story

Tuzugo – Evangelist of the Sacred Fire

Tuzugo grew up in the borders of the Fire and Earth Elemi states in Edrador. Much of his hometown was mixed with Fire and Earth Elemi. Though he himself was of the aspect of Fire, much of his friends and family were Earth Elemi. Yet the faith of Tuzugo was one far removed from the Fire Elemi in their state’s heartlands. Tuzugo and his kin worshiped the Sacred Flame, rather than solely worshiping the Aspect of Maethromin that embodied flame, they worshiped Glancalnos himself as well as their true deity, and Maethromin was seen more as a shepherd or a guardian of Glancalnos, the Radiant Son.

Such thoughts were deemed heresy by the Fire Council, and the religion was outlawed, though practiced in secret in the borderlands. Many times Tuzugo watched as his fellow acolytes were assaulted, imprisoned or outright killed for their beliefs. So when Crusaders from the West sailed across the sea, declaring war on the Four States of Abunen Kolden, Tuzugo along with his cousin Gorozai joined their cause. Very few Fire Elemi did, so often mistrust was placed upon them until finally they donned the armour of the invaders, their crest painting a sign of alliance to all who saw them.

With the war dwindling and the Fire Council on the back of its heels, Tuzugo and Gorozai were sent as ambassadors and heroes to Greater Abune on the continent of Tharador. There they acted as representatives of their folk from the borderlands, and eventually were given the holy task of guarding the great Fire Spirit Kyubiko.

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