Ruby – Bust


Quiet and reserved as far as Earth Elemi go, Ruby’s life was anything but the standard for an Elemi girl. She spent much of her childhood traveling Tharador with her Elven Father, taking teachings from many different Colleges and Universities to harness and control her geomancy powers. She returned to Abunae and was greeted skeptically, for none thought non-Elemi could teach the powers of Earth better than themselves. She quickly proved them wrong, rising to become a renowned geomancer in the Crusade and granted the title of Magistrate. Unfortunately the small district she oversaw was one which housed Agatol, and the beast became her charge to watch over.

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The full story

Ruby Silt – Earthen Geomancer

Fewer are the Elemi whose essences are infused through Elven blood, for the Elves are much more hesitant and slow to bond with Elemi than men and other races. So Ruby is often mistaken as a Fey Elf when she meets most, for her Earthen features are reminiscent of how the faerie-tale creatures are often described in stories and books. Though in truth Ruby’s father is an Elf of Nan Thalias, and her mother an Earth Elemi from the Western regions of Abunae. Her mother left Abunae, as few Elemi do, and traveled the continent in wanderlust.

She came upon the Elf that would become her husband and father to Ruby in the Kingdom of Belfrie, there in the city of Tradver, Ruby was born and raised. Though after many years abroad, Ruby’s family returned to Abunae, with suspicious eyes. Ruby’s accent of the Elemi tongue sounded strange and foreign, a concept difficult for most Elemi to understand. This caused bullying throughout much of her childhood, though in one such event she hurled a bully through the air after breaching the rocks from under his feet. She was a Geomancer, and most of the town’s elders wished for her to be sent to Beke or Folyo Kozott for training, but her parents refused.

Instead, her father opted to train her in more classical ways, taking her to various universities such as the University of Ardris in Belfrie, Canos in Draksborne and several smaller institutions throughout Elven Nan Thalias. With a variety of teachings, Ruby learnt to master her geomancy as well as enhancing it through other magics that most Elemi could not or would not wield. When she returned she was met with skepticism again, and was challenged to a duel by an elder geomancer. Ruby though reserved and quiet was strong and unyielding against her opponent, who she toppled in mere seconds of their duel beginning.

Impressed, a local councilor had her appointed as an officer in the Crusade, a position that all geomancers, hydromancers, ignimancers and aeromancers held. On multiple occasions Ruby used her powers to save her comrades from certain death, and she became something of a legend on the front lines. The reputation followed her back to Abunae on her return, and she was hailed a war hero. The council looked favourably on her, as it seemed. She was given the rank of Magistrate for her deeds, and became the overseer of a small town not too far from her own home. Though in that region was a beast that dwelt in hibernation – Agatol. It would become her charge, and she began to question if this position was to keep her chained down and held back from returning to the Crusade. It was possible that the council didn’t look kindly upon a foreign-taught geomancer inspiring awe into the troops.

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