Ayrin Enviern – The Ocean Dancer


A young swordsman who has been left to carry on his art-form. Ayrin, the last of his name, was born into a lineage of swordsmen whose deft movements and blinding speed enthralled all on the battlefield, friend, or foe. After under-taking a rite of passage and learning what it truly meant to have peace of mind and have freedom of action, Ayrin is now entangled within the mess that is Sukurin, the Kraken of the Depths, with his traveling companion Kitarlia.

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The full story

Ayrin Enviern – The Ocean Dancer

Shyrthor is a small island, north of the terrifying wastes of Oldavor, of which exists small clusters of villages and cultures, surviving off special techniques passed down through generations of isolation. Few know of people who live here – few cared. Rumour has it, the people who planted their futures in these inhospitable graves north of the two most dangerous civilizations on Tharador did so as self-exile. Nevertheless, generations have come and gone, surviving frozen assailants from the west, and horrific man-made machinations from the east.

Ayrin Enviern, is one such soul whose early life came to be here. He is the first and only son of a renowned swordsman, whose techniques in combat are seen as an artform. This swordsmanship was unique, as it focused on breathing and clarity of mind – it was only in this flow state that the world would move around them, and their purest intent could be expressed from their thoughts, through their body, and into their weapon.

Ayrin, now up to the final stage of his training, packed his belongings and began his journey. To complete his training, he had to follow the migration of the great Leviathans of the Northern Sea, following their path by land, and sea when land ceased. To do so, Ayrin had to access a section of his mind that allowed him to run, jump, breath, and fight, without thought. He had to learn how to stifle the hunger, exhaustion, and fear that resided within him. He was often very far behind these creatures, only being able to catch up to them when they slept, get 30 minutes of rest, and start his journey again the next day. Once reaching the western ocean that hugs Tharador, did his journey end. It was through these months that Ayrin was able to learn what it was to be clear of mind, compassionate in action, yet remain stoic in appearance.

Ayrin, who in the years since his training, now travels with Kitarlia as she undergoes her pilgrimage, wherever that leads. He knows what it means to be alone, and enjoys the company, and believes whatever Kitarlia is looking for, she’s going to need an extra set of hands to deal with it. This has ultimately led them to Sukurin the Kraken, amid all this chaos.

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