Gorozai – Warden of the Sacred Fire


One of the few Fire Elemi that took side with the Elemi of Tharador during the Elemi Crusades. Gorozai and his cousin Tuzugo saw the reign of the Fire Clans in Abunen Kolden as tyrannical, and vowed to end them by any means. The crusades brought about such means, and as reward Gorozai and Tuzugo were uplifted through the ranks of Tharador’s Elemi Councils. They came to serve as the guardians of the great Kyubiko, previously entrusted to Water Elemi. Gorozai misses his homeland, but knows the war-ravaged land is now a shell of what it once was.

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The full story

Gorozai – Warden of the Sacred Fire

Abunen Kolden is the home of the Elemi in Edrador, far to the East across the Tharador Ocean. It is from here that all Tharador’s Elemi originate, having fled a great civil war during the Second Era. At the Civil War’s end the council of the Four Elements was now ruled by a Fire Elemi head, and with a new law in which the heads appointed their successors, rule stayed within Fire Elemi hands for centuries. For most Fire Elemi this way of life bested them. Their cities grew prosperous more than their kin and wealth was funneled into them.

Yet for Gorozai and his family this was not the case, for generations their family had lived on the borders of the Fire Elemi and Earth Elemi state – thus many of his cousins and friends were Earth Elemi. Those here worshiped the Fire of Maethromin as something holy, to be revered, as but one part of the whole of the magnificence that was Maethromin. Regardless, Fire Elemi were mostly hated by most Earth Elemi, even in the border towns like which Gorozai was raised in. He understood the hate though – often he would see the militaristic patrols of tax collectors in the streets. Harassing Earth and Fire Elemi alike. The disdain in their community for the Fire Council grew. Even as a simple blacksmith Gorozai’s life was hard, metals were expensive in the border regions even though the mines were less than a day’s walk from their homes. His praying to the fires of his forge was seen as outlandish and heretical by the city-Elemi, and his religion was kept from him.

When the Crusaders from Tharador arrived in their bid of reconquest, Gorozai and much of his family joined them to throw down the tyranny they had been subjected to their whole lives. Armed and armoured by the Crusaders, Gorozai fought on the front lines fighting for liberation and a better homeland for his people. As the war drew on to its close, Gorozai was sent overseas to Tharador alongside his cousin Tuzugo as consulates for the Fire Elemi in Tharador. Fire Elemi were hardly seen in the Elemi lands of Tharador, so their presence was awed or absconded by all they met. Quickly they were uplifted through the ranks in Beke’s council though eventually were given the duty of overseeing the Fire Spirit Kyubiko when it became clear that the commoner’s etiquette and statecraft was not suited to the lengthy councils held in Beke.

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