Vilamin- Lightning Chimera


A Chimera struck by lighting and granted immortality through the imbued essence of Air. Vilamin was revered by many of the Elemi monks that lived within its domain. It was mostly peaceful with them, but in time grew agitated as civilization built around the foothills of the mountain it called home. It would often feast upon the livestock of the town and even the occasional shepherd would be taken by Vilamin if they took a route too close to the mountain. Left with little choice after the decries of locals, the monks captured Vilamin and entombed him so that he may not bring harm to others.

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The full story

Vilamin – Lightning Chimera

Vilamin is unlike most Aspects of Maethromin, for the beast was only once a Chimera of the physical realm. But a lightning strike unlike any other burnt its way into the heart of Vilamin, infusing the element of Lightning and Air within the beast. Its three heads and minds all were enlightened, gaining speech and immortality from the incident.

It found pleasure in roaming and hunting in the mountains that it called home, and it became a sage of wisdom to the monks of Air Elemi that had monasteries in its domain. The two lived in an uneasy peace, but the monks often brought sacrifices to the Chimera in exchange for blessings, guidance or its presence at holy events.

Yet the creep of civilization drew into its domain and Vilamin grew agitated as the once lushous foothills were replaced with farmlands, filled with wheat or cattle and even worse were the cities and towns that dotted alongside them drinking upon the rivers and springs that it called its own. Vilamin became a menace to the towns, destroying crops, livestock and electrifying entire rivers to kill dozens who might have been drinking or bathing in it within a split second.

After many such events, the locals begged the monks to take action, and with heavy hearts they entombed their old friend within the mountain. Beneath was a small stone elevator platform controlled by an Earth Elemi which they used to feed the beast goats, but it cursed and counted every day it was entombed. When sudden strength came to it to destroy its tomb, the beast roared with victory. It called a mighty bolt onto the monastery of its wardens, killing dozens and setting it ablaze before it leaped off the inflict vengeance upon the townsfolk that called it to be there.

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