Kopok – Stone Spider


Subterranean spiders infused with the rocky elements that they call their home. These beasts make easy prey of rodents, lizards and any insects worth their time that are attracted to the bioluminescent crystal-like growths on their stony carapaces. Singularly they can prove deadly for an unwitting adventurer, but in groups they may overrun even the most experienced parties.

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The full story

Kopok – Stone Spider

The Kopok’s have lived in the underground of Abunae even before the Elemi arrived. It surprised the Elemi to find these elemental creatures that somehow predated themselves. Though due to their violent and pest-like nature they were not protected in the same way most other elemental creatures are, and were largely exterminated from the tunnels and catacombs that ran beneath Beke.

Still there are infestations from time to time, and the occasional Kopok might take a child on a dark night or even a full-grown man or woman if they were so bold. When this happens volunteers of hunters and fighters enter the subterrain and begin a mass culling of the creatures wherever they can find them. Though this tradition is near forgotten, the last such incident occurring half a century ago.

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