Kitarlia of Tenger – Incarnation of Maethromin


A bold girl infused with a power well beyond her understanding. Kitarlia is the Avatar of Maethromin, the aspect and champion of the Divine of the Elements. Unlike most Elemi, Kitarlia is able to handle the aspects of all four elements, changing her powers and physique to fit each element. Though she hails from the lands of the Water Elemi and considers them her people, she is revered and loved among all Elemi. As part of her training she has been tasked to watch over Sukurin, the deadly Kraken of the Depths.

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The full story

Kitarlia of Tenger – Incarnation of Maethromin

Kitarlia was raised in a loving family, only child to a Water Elemi mother and a human father in the Water Elemi capital of Tenger. Her life was a simple and happy one, though she was only sixteen when that all changed. In the people of Greater Abune, a hunger grew to travel east over the ocean to reclaim their homeland of Abunen Kolden they had fled over 300 years prior. Recruitment drives and conscription began, and in one such drive and a heated exchange later, Kitarlia’s best friend from childhood, Nerena, was killed by an aggravated soldier. The face of the soldier, a Tiefling mercenary, was etched forever in her mind.The Tiefling fled the scene, and the guards searched but to no avail.

Months later, word spread of a Tiefling mercenary that had been crowned a hero after their involvement in one of the sieges of a Fire Elemi city, ruthlessly slaying over two dozen royal guards single-handedly. Kitarlia knew it had to be the same one. She stowed away on the first eastbound ship she could find, leaving no notes to her parents and having no idea of fighting, killing or even the war beyond what she heard from people in passing. All she knew was she had to avenge Nerena and put down the beast that killed her.

For months she stalked the fronts of the crusade, pretending she belonged there. Finally she tracked him to a war meeting room, storming the inside under the guise of a logistics grunt she drew a dagger and darted for the Tiefling. He had grown since she last saw him, he seemed more demonic or devilish and quickly he overpowered her, the tide turning against her. As she waited for death to come, she closed her eyes, and on opening them again saw his mangled, burnt and frozen corpse on the floor, torn to shreds. The Elemi in the room called her the Tes Valas, meaning The Incarnation. She had summoned all elements of Maethromin to defeat her foe, and only Maethromin’s Incarnation was capable of such.

She was bundled up and sent home shortly after, though not as a prisoner, but as a prodigy to be trained under the guidance of the Elemi Tribunal Council in Beke. There for two years she learnt and trained, and for another two years she was set off on a pilgrimage across Tharador to learn of all its ways and how the elements flowed and guided the lands. Part of her pilgrimage saw her overseeing the containment of Sukurin the Kraken, coming to learn of the water spirit and even how the element of all life can be as deadly as fire.

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