Kyubiko – Nine Tailed Fire Fox


When the first Elemi fled from Edrador, they took many keepsakes with them. One such family stole away a precious Fire Elemi artifact, thought to be the egg of a phoenix. Though what hatched was far more mischievous. Kyubiko, the Nine Tailed Fire Fox came from the egg, and like a moth he was drawn to all flames around him, yet he consumed them to grow himself. As his hunger and size grew, Water Elemi managed to seize him and douse his flames. Now he is watched over in slumber, his flames faded long ago. Worry builds that should he awake, he will make for the Mountain of Fire in the Dwarven Kingdom.

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The full story

Kyubiko – Nine Tailed Fire Fox

Many of the longer lived Elemi still remember the awakening of Kyubiko. Beke was aflame in the morning when his egg hatched. Many thought the Fire Elemi had reached Abunae and set ablaze the city. Yet in truth it was a mischievous foxling, wreathed in fire and hungry for it too. As it dashed through the city, consuming lanterns, torches and whatever gave light and flame, it left a great trail of destruction in its wake.

Flames flicked up from its feet and quickly spread across wherever it ran. It began making its way far west, tearing towns apart along the way as it was drawn to the great mountain of Dornat Al Karit which constantly spewed flames and molten rock. In panic, warriors of the Water Elemi quarter pursued, chasing it for weeks across the sands of Sudd Tohst before they finally doused the beast in flames and took it to prison. When they realised what it truly was, they halted from killing it, as even a Fire Aspect is an aspect of Maethromin nevertheless. Kyubiko was bundled up, and he pleaded for his release but none could be afforded for his ravenous nature.

He was placed in a grotto off the coast of Abunor where upon a lone isle in its centre he stood, sat and paced. Food would be floated to him in wicker baskets, which ravenously he would scoff down. Though any plans he would make for escape were foiled, the wicker baskets would burn to cinders on his touch and the water to him was like fire to a regular creature.

Though something has given new vigour and life to the flames of the distraught Nine Tailed Fire Fox. With an enormous leap he cleared the bounds of his grotto, running upon the walls and out to freedom, trailing his way West once again.

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