Kotta Terran – Earthen Vanguard


A Veteran of the Elemi Crusade, Kotta is a staunch fighter with a penchant for breaking bones. Belonging to the nationalistic organisation, the Earth Elemi Superiority Union (EESU), he has little love for those untouched by Maethromin’s grace, though can do his best to feign toleration when required. Having seen more action than most in the war in Edrador, he returned as a high ranking officer, afforded rest with the duty of overseeing the captive Agatol and ensuring it could not escape once more.

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The full story

Kotta Terran – Earthen Vanguard

Kotta grew up in the upper slums of Folyo Kozott, the capital of the Earth Elemi land. His father was simply the bouncer of the local corner club, a position of no note to most, but held in high regard among the lower class that Kotta called neighbours. He never felt he would be destined for greatness, and he held little ambition save for wanting to emulate his father. So at fifteen he took up his father’s position after he had retired. He quickly earned his own fearsome rep among the locals despite his young age.

His rise from bouncer to Military Enforcer came by chance, when a petty-officer of the EESU was denied entry from the club. Drawing his sword against Kotta, he took a swing, only to be laid out on the floor like a rug by the young bouncer. Kotta was arrested, but when the higher ranking officers heard the story, they laughed, demoted the ashamed petty-officer and brought Kotta into their secretive organisation.

Few common Elemi know of the EESU, and those that do are mostly Earth Elemi themselves. The Union dedicates itself to the well-being of the Earth Elemi first, though still cares for most Elemi. They act as a state-run gang of sorts, the enforcers of Abunae with authority over most of its citizenry. Extortionate merchants fear them, corrupt bureaucrats shrivel at their mention and weasley criminals flee at the sight of their badge.

The EESU sent Kotta to Edrador with the purpose of unraveling a cult that poisoned the minds of Abunae’s citizenry back home, while also fighting within the Crusade of Reclamation. In his success he was promoted numerous times, returning to Abunae as a hero. In his return he was given the military duty of overseeing Agatol, a great Stone Serpent viewed as an Aspect of Maethromin. It was an easy task – or at least he thought it would be.

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