Agatol – Crystalline Serpent


Within the Dreamscape of Maethromin, Agatol was given rise in the Plane of Earth. Formed from crystals, stone and dirt, the great beast still bares the appetite of any other beast. When Agatol awoke on the physical plane, it found itself in the Underground of Lo Fuin and Abunos. There it made great trails that connected it to the Queendoms of the Drow. Using the gems on it as a baiting light, it consumed any drawn by it. When the Earth Elemi heard of the beast, they saw their best detain it and hold it in Abunae, lest it continue its rampage.

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The full story

Agatol – Crystalline Serpent

Many enormous beasts lurk within the Dreamscape of Maethromin, the Place of Elements. On the Plane of Earth are beasts formed from the grounds of the world: stone, dirt, metal, crystals and more. All the creatures come from the dreaming mind of Maethromin, yet some garner intelligence in their years upon the Plane. Agatol is one such beast, his observation of the Earth Elemi upon the plane and witnessing their disappearances begat its own thoughts of existence.

When it too realised it was but a product of Maethromin’s dreams, it awoke. Like any beasts from the plane did on awaking, it rose from a place of chance in Minera. Within the caverns beneath the land of Lo Fuin, in dim caves inhabited by the Drow. There it used the gems etched upon it to bring food to it through the dark, even unsuspecting Drow fell for its ruse.

When word reached the Earth Elemi in Abunae of the beast, they set the strongest hunters of the Earth Elemi Superiority Union against it. Though many were slain, they managed to detain the great beast in giant chains and bind it in earth. Now it remains buried deep within an underground arena in Abunae, where it is occasionally fed prisoners for its meals. Though now something has given strength to his stony skin, his bonds have shattered and again he is on the hunt.

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