Akataka – Flighted Air Ranger


A pilgrim Bird-folk traveled far from the Dividing Sea, thousands of miles away. Akataka hails from the colonies there, many of which worship both Wind and Sea as their favoured divine. For many this comes in the form of worshiping Maethromin, the divine of Elements and Lord of Wind and Water. In a wish to learn more, Akataka traveled to the Elemi colonies of Tharador, to speak to the children of Maethromin and learn more of the deity. Volunteering in their churches, he took the charge of watching over Zaus the Chimera, a great sleeping beast. Never did he think it would awake on his watch.

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The full story

Akataka – Flighted Air Ranger

Bird-folk have many colonies spread across the twin continents of Zandorion and Zandoriel. They come in many different colours and feathers, Akataka being one of the Korakor, the Air Soarers. Natives to the isles dotted across the Dividing Sea, Akataka boasts colorful and vibrant feathers in the months of summer, that in winter turn a bleak black.

The Korakor of the isles are far detached from most other typical mortal gods, worshiping instead the aspects of Wind and Sea. These are personified in two of the four faces of Maethromin, thus if any worship a deity with a personification it is Maethromin. Akataka is one such, from a small cloistered isle of high-perching mountains, much of his kin were disciples of Maethromin. Akataka felt as though their worship was unclear and unguided, often elders would contradict one another in Maethromin’s origin, plans and teachings. Thus he sought to learn from those who may know best, his own children.

Akataka flew many months to the southeast of Tharador, landing in the Elemi lands of Greater Abune and learning from them so that he might better understand Maethromin and correct his elders when he returned from his pilgrimage. In one of his volunteerings as a teacher, he gave himself to the watch of a great beast of Air, Zaus the Chimera.

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