Myreni – Elite Pegasus


Myreni, a mighty Pegasus once part of a noble herd in Leacianus, now serves as a fierce aerial mount for the Golden Griffins. Sold to the mercenary company during their alliance with the Leacianans, Myreni and his kin were treated harshly by their former elven masters. When the alliance crumbled, the vengeful Pegasi eagerly joined the human ranks against the Leacianans. Though their bloodlust remains concealed from most, those attuned to beasts can sense the deep-seated fury driving these majestic creatures as they fight to reclaim their lost freedom and dignity.

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The full story

Myreni – Elite Pegasus

A majestic and powerful Pegasus that was once part of a noble herd that roamed the skies of Leacianus. Known for their grace and intelligence, these creatures were highly valued by the elves for their unparalleled aerial capabilities. When the alliance between Leacianus and the Golden Griffins was forged, Myreni and many other Pegasi were reluctantly sold to the mercenary company as a show of goodwill and cooperation.

Despite their magical origins and inherent nobility, the Pegasi were subjected to harsh treatment by their elven handlers. They were heavily armored, their wings burdened with the weight of the steel plates, and pushed to their physical limits in the service of the Leacianan military. This mistreatment bred resentment among the creatures, turning their once-proud spirits bitter and vengeful.

When the alliance between the elves and the Golden Griffins ultimately fractured, Myreni and his kin were more than willing to join their new human masters in battle against their former oppressors. Now, the Pegasi serve as loyal mounts for skilled riders within the Golden Griffins’ ranks, providing unmatched speed and agility in the skies above the battlefield.

Though their bloodlust for vengeance remains hidden from the average soldier, those with a strong connection to beasts can sense the fierce determination and fury that burns within the hearts of these mythical creatures. Myreni and his brethren are driven not only by a desire to repay their former captors but also by the hope that they might one day reclaim their lost freedom and once again soar through the skies unburdened by the weight of war.

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