Zyril – Brinlimin’s Chosen


Zyril, once a commoner in Tara, became known as the “One-Man Army” after a mysterious, violet fire erupted from his body, allowing him to defeat nearly a hundred enemy soldiers during the Coalition’s assault on his town. Dubbed “Brinilmin’s Blessing,” this extraordinary power earned Zyril a knighthood and a mission to protect the Blind Seeress Irivyl. Under the tutelage of Teverys, a Paladin of the Arcane, Zyril honed his abilities, including sprouting arcane wings for flight. Now, with a strong bond to Teverys, Zyril fights on the frontline, using his newfound powers to protect his homeland in the ongoing war.

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The full story

Zyril – Brinlimin’s Chosen

Zyril, known as Byrè-Myn Fyreth or One-Man Army, was born a commoner in the tranquil town of Tara, nestled along the picturesque Prendael River. His childhood was filled with laughter, warmth, and endless summers, a time when the world seemed kinder, and the worries of the realm were distant. But when the Liturium War erupted, Tara transformed into a staging ground for the Leacianan military, and the once-joyful town became a somber place, weighed down by the burdens of war.

Drafted into service as a guard in Tara, Zyril never imagined that he would find himself on the frontlines. He watched as his friends were sent off to battle, some never to return, while he and a handful of others were assigned to protect the town. But when the Coalition forces launched a calculated and formidable assault on Tara, Zyril was thrust into the chaos of battle.

As the human forces breached the walls and the town burned around him, Zyril and his comrades made a desperate last stand in the Syrintir family’s keep. Outnumbered and surrounded by enemies, Zyril suffered grave injuries. In that critical moment, something extraordinary occurred: his body erupted in magnificent violet fire, and he entered a mysterious, otherworldly state. Empowered by this transformation, Zyril singlehandedly cut down nearly a hundred enemy soldiers, earning him the title “One-Man Army” and marking the birth of Brinilmin’s Blessing.

Grateful for his heroic actions, the Syrintir family had Zyril knighted and assigned him to protect their daughter, the Blind Seeress Irivyl. Over the past year, Zyril has dedicated himself to mastering the enigmatic powers of Brinilmin’s Blessing, thanks to the guidance of Teverys, a Paladin of the Arcane and a devout follower of Brinilmin.

As Zyril’s understanding of Brinilmin’s Blessing grew, so too did his abilities. He discovered the power to sprout arcane wings, allowing him to take flight, and unlocked many other extraordinary abilities. His bond with Teverys deepened, and together they honed Zyril’s skills and prepared for the battles ahead.

Feeling a profound sense of duty, Zyril now returns to the frontlines, determined to wield his newfound powers to save as many of his kinsmen as possible. With the wisdom of Teverys and the might of Brinilmin’s Blessing, Zyril hopes to turn the tide of the war and restore peace to the land that he once knew and loved.

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