Fyrantius – Adult Mana Wyrm


A powerful male Mana Wyrm born from arcane experiments on Arcane Dragon eggs, wields a mastery over Minera’s Breath, leveling battlefields and striking fear into the hearts of enemies and allies alike. The aggressive creature, shaped by further experimentation, serves the Leacianan military as an invaluable asset, and his raw power and fearsome reputation make him a symbol of their relentless pursuit of victory.

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The full story

Fyrantius – Adult Mana Wyrm

Fyrantius, a male Mana Wyrm with nearly a hundred years of life, stands as a testament to the fearsome power of Leacianan magic. Young by the standards of his kind but already twice the size of a juvenile, Fyrantius wields a mastery over Minera’s Breath that allows him to level battlefields in mere minutes and warp reality itself. Known for his aggressive nature, he strikes fear into the hearts of both enemies and allies alike.

Born from the arcane experiments conducted on Arcane Dragon eggs, Fyrantius emerged as a powerful and deadly creature. As he grew older, his control over Minera’s Breath evolved, and he became an invaluable asset to the Leacianan military. However, rumors circulated that his aggressiveness was not natural, but rather the result of further experimentation by Netros, who attempted to mechanize the young Mana Wyrm to amplify its power.

The experiments left an indelible mark on Fyrantius, shaping his personality and abilities in ways that made him both awe-inspiring and terrifying. Fyrantius would not easily forget the ordeal, and it is said that the echoes of the experiments still resonate within his mind, fueling his rage and driving him to wreak havoc on his foes.

His presence on the battlefield is undeniable, as Fyrantius soars through the skies with unmatched grace and precision, a true master of his element. Coalition forces fear the mere mention of his name, as they know that the arrival of this formidable Mana Wyrm heralds a swift and brutal end to even the strongest defenses. Despite the controversy surrounding his origins, Fyrantius continues to serve the Leacianan military, his raw power and fearsome reputation making him a symbol of their relentless pursuit of victory.

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