Enira Stronka – Knight-Faith


Enira Stronka, a dwarf from the bustling coastal city of Varekan in Dornat Al Karit, was inspired by the legends of Horauthin, the god of war and peace, to become a paladin at a young age. She trained rigorously and eventually joined the elite mercenary company, the Golden Griffins. In the three years since joining, Enira has risen to the rank of Knight-Faith and now fights alongside the Human Coalition in their war against the High Elves of Leacianus, striving to bring peace and unity to a war-torn world.

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The full story

Enira Stronka – Knight-Faith

Enira Stronka was born and raised in the bustling coastal city of Varekan in the dwarven kingdom of Dornat Al Karit. The daughter of a revered blacksmith, she was surrounded by the clanging of hammers and the glow of molten metal from a young age. Varekan was a city where trade and culture thrived, situated on the shores of the Katarn Sea. Growing up in this vibrant environment, Enira was exposed to stories of valiant warriors and daring adventures that captivated her imagination. Among these tales, the legends of Horauthin, the god of war and peace, stood out to her the most. At the age of twelve, after witnessing a group of Horauthin’s paladins intervene to halt a violent conflict in the marketplace, Enira knew her path was to become a champion of justice under the god’s guidance.

Leaving her family’s smithy behind, Enira ventured to the revered Temple of Horauthin to begin her training. She proved herself to be an adept warrior and a devoted follower, quickly mastering the art of combat and the divine powers granted by her patron deity. As she grew in strength and wisdom, Enira’s passion for justice and her desire to protect those who could not defend themselves only intensified. She soon caught the attention of the Golden Griffins, an elite mercenary company known for their unwavering loyalty and fierce fighting skills. Impressed by her abilities, they recruited Enira, and she began a new chapter of her life as a member of this illustrious group.

In the three years since Enira joined the Golden Griffins, she has risen through the ranks to the esteemed position of Knight-Faith. Amidst a brutal war between the High Elves of Leacianus and the Human Coalition—a powerful alliance of the human kingdoms of Belfrie and Formen—Enira has fought with honor and unwavering devotion to the cause. Despite the tensions between humans and non-humans, she has earned the respect and admiration of her fellow mercenaries and allies. As a Paladin of Horauthin, Enira strives to maintain a delicate balance between the ruthless realities of war and the noble pursuit of peace. With each battle, she prays that her actions will one day bring about an end to the bloodshed and the dawn of a new era of unity and harmony.

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