Brogvar – Champion of the Claw


A high ranking officer of the Golden Griffins with a renowned temper. Brogvar once wished to retire in his tanning shop in Huvuden, but time and again the fires of war have kept him from the peaceful life he wishes to lead. Now his temper is at its peak, and woe will come to any who cross his path in his rage.

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The full story

Brogvar – Champion of the Claw

Runs-On-Wind, known as Brogvar in his native tongue, was born in the harsh Wastes of Oldavor. After facing a tragic event in his youth, which resulted in the loss of his family and the destruction of a monstrous creature, Brogvar exiled himself from his village. He spent many years travelling and working as a bounty hunter and monster hunter, eventually settling in Huvuden, a city in Formen.

As the Liturium War began, Huvuden was the first Formeni city to suffer under the flames of Leacianan invaders. The destruction of his tanning and hunting shop and the city he had come to call home ignited a fury within Brogvar. He fought his way through the invaders, dismantling one of their siege weapons with his bare hands before seeking to join the Golden Griffins mercenary company.

As a member of the Golden Griffins, Brogvar swiftly rose through the ranks, eventually achieving the position of an officer. His fearsome combat prowess and unwavering determination earned him a kill count he claimed to be in the triple digits. During the ceasefire, Brogvar channeled his energy into rebuilding Huvuden, working as a carpenter and helping restore the city he loved.

However, the end of the ceasefire brought devastation to Huvuden once more, and the rage within Brogvar was rekindled. He returned to the Golden Griffins with renewed vigor, determined to avenge his city and protect his people from further harm. Now serving in the vanguard forces, Brogvar is prepared to be the first into the fray, wielding the power of his wrath as a weapon against the enemies of his adopted homeland.

Having experienced both the tragedies of war and the peaceful rebuilding process, Brogvar has grown from a bloodthirsty warrior into a more compassionate individual. Yet, the return of conflict and destruction to Huvuden has stoked the fires of his anger, driving him to use his newfound skills and determination to defend his people and bring an end to the war that has caused so much suffering.

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