Charys – Arcane Barbarian


Charys was born an inert elf, unable to wield the Breath of Minera, the essence of magic. Ostracized by his community and driven to become an exceptional warrior, Charys sought out Netros, an inventor of arcane technology, in hopes of gaining magical abilities. After undergoing a painful procedure to infuse his body with the Breath of Minera, Charys gained incredible strength and agility, but lost control over his emotions, making him volatile and dangerous. Now under Netros’s control, Charys is a formidable weapon in the ongoing war, but deep down, he yearns for redemption and a way to regain control of his emotions.

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The full story

Charys – Arcane Barbarian

Born into a low-ranking noble family in the outskirts of Nirloom, Charys was considered an anomaly among his kin. Like Netros, he was inert and unable to wield the Breath of Minera, the essence of magic that flowed through the veins of nearly every Leacianan Elf. Despite his family’s efforts to conceal his lack of magical abilities, Charys’ secret eventually became known to the community, and he was ostracized by those around him. He was deemed unworthy of his noble heritage and cast aside, his existence a constant reminder of his family’s perceived failure.

Feeling lost and desperate, Charys sought solace in the physical arts, honing his body and strength to compensate for his magical inadequacies. As he trained relentlessly, he became an exceptional warrior, feared and respected by those who once looked down on him. However, this newfound power and respect did not fill the void left by his inability to connect with the Breath of Minera.

When word reached Charys of Netros, a fellow inert elf who had defied the odds and made a name for himself as an inventor of arcane technology, he became obsessed with the idea of meeting him. Charys hoped that Netros might have a solution to his own magical deficiency. After years of searching and proving his worth as a warrior, Charys finally managed to gain an audience with Netros.

Netros, intrigued by the idea of an inert elf who had risen above his limitations, proposed a risky and experimental procedure. He would infuse Charys’s body with the Breath of Minera, directly pumping the essence of magic into him to augment his physical prowess. The idea was to create an Arcane Barbarian, a living weapon who could channel the raw power of magic to unleash devastating physical attacks. Desperate to taste the power that had always eluded him, Charys agreed.

The procedure was excruciatingly painful, but it was successful. Charys’s body became infused with the Breath of Minera, granting him incredible strength and agility. However, the process had unexpected side effects. The continuous flow of arcane energy within him made it difficult for Charys to control his emotions, causing him to slip into uncontrollable fits of rage. Though he had finally gained the power he had always craved, Charys had lost his ability to form meaningful connections with others, as his volatile temperament made him a danger to those around him.

Now under the control of Netros, Charys is used as a pawn in the ongoing war, an instrument of destruction unleashed upon the enemies of Leacianus. While he may still harbor a tragic past and a desire for acceptance, Charys has become a force to be reckoned with, and the party should not hesitate to confront him if necessary. But deep down, Charys yearns for a way to regain control of his emotions and find redemption for the dark path he has been forced to walk.

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