Teverys – Arcane Paladin


A Leacianan High Elf and Arcane Paladin who has devoted his life to serving Brinilmin, the deity of Chaotic and Arcane magic. Celebrated as a hero during the Liturium War, Teverys faced the bitter truth of fighting former allies but remained unyielding in his devotion to his homeland and faith. When he encountered Zyril, a young elf who manifested Brinilmin’s Blessing, Teverys trained him in the ways of this mysterious power, helping him hone his newfound abilities, and together they stand united in their quest to safeguard their land and their divine connection.

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The full story

Teverys – Arcane Paladin

Teverys, a Leacianan High Elf, was born into a devout family dedicated to the worship of Brinilmin, the deity of Chaotic and Arcane magic. From a young age, Teverys felt a powerful connection to his patron deity, and he committed his life to serving Brinilmin as an Arcane Paladin. Trained in both martial prowess and magical abilities, Teverys became a formidable force in battle, blending the strength of steel with the might of the arcane. Five years before the start of the Liturium War, Teverys faced his most harrowing challenge during the campaign on Duskweave Isle. He led the charge against the powerful undead forces that threatened the land. Despite suffering grievous wounds in the battle, Teverys emerged victorious, personally purging some of the island’s most potent undead adversaries.

As the Liturium War erupted, Teverys found himself called to defend his homeland. He fought valiantly in numerous battles, earning a reputation as a fearless and skilled warrior. Though he was celebrated as a hero, Teverys found little solace in his victories. The war had forced him to face his former allies, men and women with whom he had once fought shoulder-to-shoulder, bled, and nearly died alongside on Duskweave Isle. The bitter truth of the conflict weighed heavily on Teverys’ heart, but his devotion to Brinilmin and his homeland remained unyielding. He knew that the Coalition’s possession of the Liturium posed a dire threat to the sanctity of his nation and their connection to Brinilmin. When Teverys encountered Zyril, the young elf who had miraculously manifested Brinilmin’s Blessing during the battle of Tara, he saw in him a kindred spirit and a symbol of hope. Guided by his faith and his own experiences, Teverys took Zyril under his wing, training him in the ways of Brinilmin’s Blessing and helping him to hone his newfound powers.

As the war continues, Teverys remains a steadfast defender of his people and his faith. He is determined to do whatever it takes to protect his homeland from invasion and the corrupting influence of the Liturium. In Zyril, he sees the potential for redemption, not only for himself but for all those who have suffered in the wake of the war. Together, they stand united in their quest to safeguard the land they love and the divine connection that defines their very existence.

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