Quisterian – Arcane Phoenix


Quisterian, the Arcane Phoenix, was once a human pyromancer and a member of the Golden Griffins, who was captured by the Leacianan forces after causing significant damage to their ranks. Subjected to two years of brutal experimentation by the twisted inventor Netros, her body was broken down and merged with arcane technologies to create a powerful airborne construct. Now encased in an armored metal shell and perpetually shrouded in raging arcane flames, Quisterian soars through the skies as a tragic symbol of the horrors of war and the depths both sides have sunk to in their quest for victory.

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The full story

Quisterian – Arcane Phoenix

Quisterian, the Arcane Phoenix, is a terrifying airborne construct designed by Netros, the brilliant yet twisted inventor of the Leacianan forces. As a relentless weapon of destruction, it swoops down from the skies and unleashes deadly torrents of arcane fire on the Coalition forces below, reducing soldiers, encampments, and fortifications to ashes.

Before its transformation, Quisterian was once a human pyromancer, a member of the Golden Griffins, known for her exceptional ability to wield fire magic. Her skills were unmatched on the battlefield, and she became a symbol of hope and resistance for her allies. The Leacianan forces suffered heavy losses at her hands and sought to capture her, eager to turn her fearsome power against their enemies.

After a harrowing battle, she was captured and brought before Netros, who saw potential in her raw power. For two long years, she was subjected to horrific experimentation, as Netros sought to extract the essence of her magical abilities and meld them with his arcane technologies. The torturous process stripped her body down to its most basic elements, reducing her once-proud form to little more than a magical core.

Netros encased her remains in an armoured metal shell, sculpting it into the shape of a great bird. Her magical essence, now twisted and corrupted, became the fuel that ignited the raging arcane flames that perpetually envelop her body. The construct’s outer surface crackles and burns with the heat of her fury, making it nearly impervious to attacks from ground forces.

Quisterian now soars through the skies as a symbol of the Leacianan’s cold, cruel efficiency and their relentless pursuit of victory at any cost. She is a tragic figure, a fallen hero forced into a monstrous form by the very enemy she once fought so bravely against. In her new existence as the Arcane Phoenix, she serves as a grim reminder of the true horrors of war and the depths of depravity to which both sides have sunk in their desperate struggle for dominance.

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