Scarlett – Shadowfoot


Scarlett, once a renowned locksmith named Irilia in the Nan Thalian city of Elen Estel, lost her father and home to the destruction wrought by Quorenderi’s forces. Disillusioned and wandering, she joined the Golden Griffins under Orlena’s tutelage, transforming into a cold, calculating master of deceit. Her loyalty to Orlena remained steadfast, even as she served within The Silent Faith during the Liturium War, gathering intel and hunting bounties in hopes of retiring to carry on her father’s legacy as a locksmith.

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The full story

Scarlett – Shadowfoot

In the quiet moments of the ceasefire, Scarlett, once known as Irilia, continued to serve the Golden Griffins as an unseen shadow. Her talents proved invaluable, gathering vital intelligence along the borders of Leacianus. It was her keen eye and cunning that first unveiled the Leacianan’s ambitions to expand their dominion. Though the world was at peace, Scarlett traversed Tharador, fulfilling bounty contracts for her brethren, a means to ensure their coin and influence remained steadfast.

Scarlett dreamt of a life beyond war, of a time when her blades would be sheathed for good. With the fortune she had amassed, she longed to return to Elen Estel and take up her father’s mantle as a master locksmith. The memories of her lost home, the delicate artistry of her locks, and the legacy of her father were a beacon of hope in the darkness that surrounded her.

In the days of the ceasefire, Scarlett’s heart, once as cold as winter’s chill, began to thaw. The prospect of a life beyond the shadows, where she could once again bring beauty and security to the people of Tharador, warmed her spirit. Yet, as the drums of war began to beat anew, she knew her time of reprieve was drawing to a close.

As conflict engulfed the land once more, Scarlett returned to the fray, her talents as a spy and assassin called upon to turn the tide. Her heart, though still yearning for the life of a locksmith, steeled itself for the battles that lay ahead. The young, enchanting elf who once captivated patrons with her grace and skill was now a formidable force in the shadows, her words as deceptive as her blades were swift.

Scarlett fought on, her heart caught between two worlds – one of darkness and deception, and the other of artistry and light. As the war raged around her, she clung to the hope that one day, she would lay down her crimson blades and embrace the life that had once been hers, to carry on her father’s legacy and let the memories of Elen Estel live on.

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