King Trendium – King of Belfrie (Bust)


King of Belfrie and a just, but stern king. Trendium ascended to the throne two years before the start of the Liturium War when his father King Silus passed from natural causes. Now he has earned a name as a skilled warrior and tactician for almost his entire reign has been fraught with war, moreso than any of his ancestors since the days of Jochen Belfrie.

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The full story

King Trendium – King of Belfrie (Bust)

As a boy the weight of responsibility and expectations always weighed heavily upon the shoulders of Prince Trenon. It was always so for the House of Belfrie, rulers of the Kingdom dubbed after their own name three-hundred years prior. Trenon’s was groomed for command from an early age – after the Battle of Elen Estel some thirty years before he was born, Belfrie’s militarization resumed after a long period of peace. Though they were a small nation, they were filled with strong warriors, and the line from which Trenon hailed were said to be among the strongest and wisest of Men.

So when Trenon was some twenty summers old he joined his father at Duskweave Isle as a commander, personally overseeing the forces that were to join the paladin Yinsylim and his allies as they made for the Lich Kelathar directly. Thrown into the heat of battle, Trenon nearly lost his life, suffering a grievous wound. Thanks to the healing hands of Celathyn, the princess of Nan Thalias, he was saved. When the campaign at Duskweave had concluded, Celathyn made sure to often visit the young prince and teach him in ways of Elven customs, traditions and fighting so that he may better connect with the Elves of his own land for when he one day rose to the throne. Trenon in truth fell deeply for the beautiful maiden of the woods, though his feelings were not requited. Still, Celathyn cared for him, and at his coronation she bestowed onto him the Sword of Stars, a blade forged from the timber of the Estel trees that hued with a blue and white light, and cut swathes of radiant fire in the wake of its enemies

It was three years after Duskweave that King Silus passed naturally in his sleep, thus only a few weeks after his twenty-third nameday that Trenon ascended the throne. It was here that he took his kingly name: King Trendium. Though as per Centrali traditions, many still called him by his past name as King Trenon. Only two years after his ascension did the Liturium War erupt. His old friend Prince Jolmbrod, now King Hjolmir II called on Trendium for aid against their old allies of Leacianus. Only five years prior he had fought alongside Valius Hanar and his forces, now he fought against them, for their treachery ran deep: the blood of Formen’s last king lay on their hands, and dozens of carts of Liturium were sacked on their orders. Belfrie has suffered much in the war, and Trendium can only hope that when it is over he can restore Belfrie to its pre-war glory, and aid his friend in rebuilding Formen as well.

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