Rasmon – Golden Griffin Gunslinger


An ex-smuggler for the Rossa Cartel, Rasmon left that life at the turn of the Liturium War four years ago. Since then he has made his coin in more honourable ways, and brushed with death closer than he ever did when we worked in a crime syndicate. But he’s used luck and his size to survive through everything up until now at the war’s end, and he doesn’t plan on dying at the finish line.

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The full story

Rasmon – Golden Griffin Gunslinger

Four years have passed since Rasmon joined the Golden Griffins. Since then he’s had more brushes near death than he can count, but somehow always evaded the final call. When his last commanding officer was killed, Rasmon was reassigned to a special detail to directly report to Orlena, head of intelligence in the organisation. She saw something unique in Rasmon, though he wasn’t sure what.

Still, it seemed she picked correctly. Rasmon has managed to be an amazing scout for any occasion, and always has found a way to survive by escaping or holding his own when things go south. Similarly his skills as a smuggler have come in use in times where he has been tasked in organising supply trains or supply drops for forces behind enemy lines. Though being a baggage boy isn’t his greatest love, it beats being on the front line in his mind.

But the front line now is where he is, whether he likes it or not. Almost every Golden Griffin and member of the Coalition that still stands is at the walls of Nirloom. The High Elves that remain have put up a powerful resistance, with many Coalition soldiers falling before the walls have even been breached. Rasmon only hopes that his luck keeps him alive until the heads of the three triarchs are rolling on the floor.

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