Fyroth – Ancient Mana Wyrm


An ancient Mana Wyrm born from the earliest arcane experiments on Arcane Dragon eggs, wields immense power over Minera’s Breath. A veteran of countless battles, his presence on the battlefield both inspires allies and terrifies enemies. Although wearied by centuries of conflict, Fyroth remains a steadfast servant to the High Elves, and his unyielding loyalty and formidable abilities symbolize their enduring determination to protect their kingdom.

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The full story

Fyroth – Ancient Mana Wyrm

Fyroth, an ancient Mana Wyrm, emerged from the early experiments conducted by the High Elves, who sought to create powerful and magical beings to serve and protect their kingdom. Among the first of his kind, Fyroth’s existence spans nearly a thousand years, witnessing the countless changes and conflicts that have shaped the realm.

Throughout his long life, Fyroth has been an unwavering servant to the High Elves, standing by their side in numerous battles. He fought against the relentless undead forces on Duskweave Isle, where he watched many of his fellow Wyrms fall to the dark magic that threatened to consume them. In the Liturium War, Fyroth was once again called upon to battle against the humans, who sought to claim the precious resource for themselves. The ancient Mana Wyrm fought fiercely, defending his homeland with unmatched ferocity.

But as the centuries passed, Fyroth began to understand the futility of the endless fighting. The suffering and death he had seen weighed heavily on him, but he remained bound by loyalty to his masters. As the Coalition forces draw near, Fyroth acknowledges that the future of his kind and the High Elves appears bleak.

Still, the ancient Mana Wyrm harbors a secret hope: if his masters should fall, he may be able to join them in the afterlife. In that place beyond the mortal realm, perhaps he will finally find peace and solace from the seemingly endless cycle of war and destruction that has defined his existence. With this hope in his heart, Fyroth prepares for the battles ahead, determined to serve his masters until his final breath.

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