Irivyl – Awakened Seeress of Brinilmin


Born blind to noble parents, Irivyl was kept cloistered for many of her earliest days. When she drowned within the Prendael River as a child, she awoke with sight blessed through magic, a miracle. Though her sight was not that of any regular elves, she could see Breath and any beings it coursed through. Magical items, any living creatures and magical spells became her vision. With this she became a wonder within noble courts, able to instantly discern the properties of magical artifacts and even uncover truths buried deep within the minds of prisoners without speaking a word to them. Such powers were unparalleled, and she had her own role made within The Magistrates to accommodate her powers in aiding the Triumvirate. Though in her time she aided outsiders in a matter she saw that was greater than the Liturium War, and for this Valius Hanar had her eyes sliced out. Now she plots against her rulers, waiting to strike when the time is right.

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The full story

Irivyl – Awakened Seeress of Brinilmin

Born blind to the noble House Syrintir, Irivyl was raised in the protective embrace of her family’s keep in Tara. Her life took a dramatic turn when, at the age of twelve, she drowned in the Prendael River during a riverside feast. A priest of Brinilmin revived her, and she awoke with a newfound sight that revealed the mystical properties of Minera’s Breath within all living beings and magical artifacts.

This extraordinary gift made her a valuable asset to the Triumvirate, who brought her to their court as a trusted advisor when she was only fourteen. Irivyl, however, yearned for the childhood she had barely experienced. It was only after pleading with The Nirloom that she was granted a role in The Magistrates, allowing her to travel Leacianus and return to her family in Tara. There, she tried to reconnect with her past, but found herself torn between the worlds of childhood and court politics.

Recognizing her unhappiness, The Nirloom assigned her a ward, Ereveth, a magistrate’s son just two years her junior. Tasked with teaching him the art of artifact identification, they formed a close bond, eventually marrying when they were forty-two and forty, respectively. They enjoyed many years together until tragedy struck during the Duskweave Campaign, claiming the lives of both Ereveth and their only son. Heartbroken, Irivyl threw herself into her duties as Seeress, finding solace in her work and the youths placed under her tutelage. In the darkest days of her grief, Irivyl found new purpose in Glynbel, a child infused with the soul of the ancient font of magic, Brinilmin. Glynbel gave her a cause greater than herself and rekindled her will to persevere.

But fate had one more trial for Irivyl. After assisting outsiders, Valius Hanar ordered her eyes to be cruelly sliced out. Despite her gift, he deemed her sight useless if she could not discern friend from foe. Blinded once more, Irivyl spent a year in meditation, ultimately concluding that the survival of her people hinged on Artorian’s success. She became convinced that Valius and Ferendir needed to be eliminated and that a single ruler might be what was best for the High Elves. In this belief, Irivyl found the strength to continue her fight for the future of her people.

As the Coalition forces prepare to breach the city, Irivyl resolves to aid them in their efforts. She knows that the survival of her people depends on the removal of the Arch Holder and Arch Marshall, and she is determined to ensure their downfall. Simultaneously, she seeks to protect Artorian, believing that he alone holds the key to a brighter future for the High Elves. With renewed purpose, Irivyl braces herself for the coming conflict, ready to risk everything for the chance of a better tomorrow.

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