Aeus Invictus – Soulforged Inventor


A Soulforged from Edrador who has travelled far to seek the wisdom of the High Elves in a bid to save his kin. Though Aeus found the Elves intolerable to his nature, calling him an abomination. So he pondered in Tharador for many years, seizing his opportunity when war arose. Thus he joined the Coalition army: if he could not be given the information he sought freely, he would take it for himself in the fires of a siege.

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The full story

Aeus Invictus – Soulforged Inventor

Edrador is a far off and foreign land. Most alien in the eastern continent is the Soulforged: beings of metal, stone and rock imbued with souls. These came from the long forgotten Anshani Empire, an empire of magic and technology that ruled much of Western Edrador during Tharador’s Second Era. But at their peak, the empire collapsed seemingly overnight. All its human citizens vanished, and all that was left was their Soulforged servants.

As the surrounding regions warred for the lands of the Empire, the Soulforged retreated. Endless war rendered the land inhospitable and desolate, but the Soulforged founded Automatia along a giant swathe of desert that followed a single fertile river plain. Aeus has spent much of his life there, researching the artefacts of his forgotten creators. Yet he, nor any other Soulforged have memory of them. Their memories match roughly to that of a normal human life cycle, and as they age memories older than eighty to a hundred years are forgotten. Aeus was one of the Inventors to theorise “Mind Death” in which their memories will be totally erased and they will reboot, and awaken like newborn babies. He and several other acolytes travelled westward to Tharador in search of potential cures for this coming devastation.

Aeus sought out the aid of the masters of magic: the Leacianan Elves. Though to them they saw Aeus as an abomination, reacting violently to his presence even when their borders had opened for the first time in millennia. So he retreated to Belfrie, where he was accepted, even if it was with unease. There he pondered and read, delving deep into the understanding that Tharador’s citizens had for Minera’s Breath and its use in creating artificial life. Only when the Liturium War began did Aeus finally see his chance. Thus he joined the Coalition forces as a soldier and eventually advisor, with his only request of payment to be the untapped fountains of knowledge that lie in the archives of Nirloom when their armies breach the walls.

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