Orodver – Crownsguard Arcane Golem


Orodver golems are one of the most expensive but most powerful of the Arcane Golem series in Leacianus. These enormous creations wield the powerful Arcane Glaives that are used by the Leacianan military’s artillery, but as normal weapons. Thus any wounds they inflict are permanent, unless dispelled by some form of anti-magic.

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The full story

Orodver – Crownsguard Arcane Golem

The Orodver, a pinnacle of arcane engineering and artistry, was conceived during a time of great turmoil in Leacianus. With the Triumvirate under constant threat, the need for an unparalleled guardian became paramount. Thus, the finest minds from the Place of Science were summoned, tasked with creating the ultimate protector for the ruling Triarchs.

Through countless hours of tireless experimentation and meticulous design, the Orodver was finally born. Forged with the most precious metals and imbued with powerful magics, the Orodver’s ornate exterior was matched only by its sheer combat prowess. Standing taller than any mortal, the golem was armed with two enormous arcane glaives, capable of inflicting grievous wounds that refused to heal, a testament to their creators’ mastery of magic. Beyond their raw power, the Orodver units were engineered with an unwavering loyalty to the Triumvirate, programmed to obey every command without question. As they stood sentinel in the halls of power, their mere presence instilled awe and fear in all who beheld them. So intricate and ornate were their designs, they became as much a symbol of Leacianus’ wealth and magical prowess as they were tireless protectors. However, the cost of creating an Orodver was immense, as the resources and magical expertise required were immense. Consequently, only a select few were ever forged, becoming both an immense source of pride and an unmistakable reminder of the Triumvirate’s authority.

Now, as Leacianus faces the darkest days of the Liturium War, the Orodver units stand ready to defend their rulers to the bitter end. As the shadows of the enemy draw near, these arcane guardians prepare to unleash their unparalleled might, knowing that the fate of the Triumvirate and the very kingdom of Leacianus may rest on their enchanted shoulders.

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