Aurestia – Human Form


An Ancient Golden Dragon that has walked the plane of Minera since the time of the first Elves. Aurestia has always had her heart dedicated to peace and justice, finding herself tied to Horauthin and Erdrydion as her father figures during the Age of Creation. For the first time in thousands of years she fights again, joining forces with the Coalition of Belfrie and Formen to bring an end to a war that now threatens to destroy the continent of Tharador.

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The full story

Aurestia – Human Form

When the first dragons roamed Minera, Aurestia walked among them. In those times she was colourless, for her heart held no place nor passion in any domains of the world. It was only when the Sibling War began that Aurestia found her heart entwined with the young Tharameni twins, Erdrydion and Horauthin. They fought for peace and justice in defense of the first Elves and Colossals. This stirred passion into Aurestia for the first time: seeing great beings such as the Tharameni bleeding and maimed in the name of lesser beings.

So she joined the two, and they raised her in the art of war, peace and justice and her scales hued gold and she bestowed the name upon herself Aurestia. In the final years of the Age of Creation she slew many of Mindoriel’s ilk and even her own kin that were assuaged by Mindoriel’s false promises. When the Age ended and mortals could live in peace, Aurestia found a home in the mountains that ran across the centre of Tharador. There she dwelt for many years, only rousing when war rumbled at her doorstep once again during the Colossal War. Though now she was tired, and still wounded from the Age before.

Deeper she delved, into the crust far beneath the surface of Tharador and there she slumbered for two more ages. Only now has she awoken, told of her folly in ignoring the plight of Men and Colossals in ages before, the divine have now called on her to aid in intervention. The Leacianan High Elves threaten the sanctity of Tharador’s peoples and the monstrous dragons they have created would best entire armies if she was not there to keep them aback. So Aurestia has made dealings with the kings of Formen and Belfrie so that she may aid them in return for her sanctuary to never be disturbed by their kingdoms which border each side of it. To this, Trendium and Hjolmir have both agreed.

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