Henry Dannis – Psionic Prodigy


A young artificer who discovered a dark secret about his own self during the time of the ceasefire in the Liturium War. Though still technically part of the Golden Griffins, Henry was bound by honour and his half-brother Serran to return to the war as it drew to it’s end, rather than seek out the answers that have long eluded him.

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The full story

Henry Dannis – Psionic Prodigy

Henry Dannis was born and raised in the bustling city of Edimir, Baldur. His childhood was marred by hardship and tragedy due to an absent father and an abusive mother. Despite the adversities, Henry discovered his latent psionic powers, which initially manifested through his affinity for items and crafting. After enduring a brutal assault and mutilation of his hands by his own mother, Henry lost control and in a blind rage took her life.

Seeking solace and purpose, Henry joined the Golden Griffins, a band of mercenaries, alongside his cousin Dorian. In this company he met a man a year his junior, Serran, who through a strange twist of fate, turned out to be his half-brother as they both came to realise they shared a father. It was after this and discovering that his father was a more honourable man than he thought, that Henry chose to change his surname to Dannis in honour of his father, abandoning the maiden name of Falkstead from his mother. As Henry’s psionic abilities grew, he became a formidable spellcaster.

He eventually left the Golden Griffins to pursue a higher education at the prestigious University of Ardris, where he majored in Creation and minored in Theory. After graduating, Henry was offered a teaching position at the University, where he continued to research his unique psionic powers. This pursuit led him to discover the origin of his magic and its connection to Henrique, an ancient and enigmatic figure dating back to the First Era who had sought eternal life through cloning and reincarnation. Henry learned he was a successful clone created by Henrique, imbued with a portion of his soul.

Enraged and more determined than ever, Henry embarked on a journey to claim their shared soul and seize control of his life. As he searched for Henrique, Henry received a desperate message from Serran, informing him of the siege on Nirloom, the flying capital of Leacianus. With no time to waste, Henry used his psionic powers to teleport to Serran’s side and join the front lines.

Henry Dannis, now a skilled psionic wizard, wields a unique blend of magic and engineering to protect those he cares about and confront the darkness that shaped his past. As a trusted member of the Golden Griffins, he is tasked with infiltrating Nirloom alongside other heroes. Henry Dannis, a man forged from pain, betrayal, and a burning desire for the truth, will do what he has to in order to return to his path of vengeance.

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